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Bella Atmosfera

It is not the usual TRAY!

This new technology allows only 5% of oil to be present. This way product does not have to be drained.
Forget about oil disposal. Pay for the product not for oil.

Up to 18 months Out-of-fridge storage: store the tray in the refrigerator only after use thanks to the freshness-saving lid.
The oil does not penetrate the fibers and leaves of vegetables.
Zero halos! Vinegar has been eliminated to enhance the natural sweetness of the product.
Bella Atmosfera vegetables are treated in a "gentle" way.
The heat stress and acidity necessary for long out-of-fridge storage are drastically reduced to the point of eliminating vinegar.
Vegetables thus retain taste, organoleptic qualities and texture.
Product awarded by Cibus 2022 Fiera Parma

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